Stand: 09.12.2019

electronic lock technology

High-security electronic locks for your security

Electronic locks for safes or high-security doors have to meet highest technical standards. Following intensive testing, VdS, the German Association of Casualty Insurers and the European Certification Body (ECB) have granted their approval in recognition of the locks' high degrees of break-in and manipulation resistance. In accordance with the stringent security requirements to which they are designed and built, all members of SECU's family of electronic high-security locks offer additional safety-enhancing features in addition to the security performance levels of the classes to which they are rated. The necessary operation to gain access to a lock can be designed time-dependent, situation-dependent or person-dependent. All lock types manufactured by SECU feature a manipulation-resistant memory which automatically stores the most recent operating events as well as a variable opening delay. To support the user, all operating processes are followed by visible signals confirming their completion.

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