Stand: 09.12.2019

mechanical lock technology

High-security mechanical double-bitted key locks precision-built to meet your security requirements

Mechanical locks for safes or high-security doors have to meet high technical standards. Following intensive testing, VdS, the German Association of Casualty Insurers, and the European Certification Body (ECB) have granted their approval in recognition of the locks' extremely high break-in and manipulation resistance. Most of SECU's high-security mechanical locks are rated to VdS Classes 1, 2 or 3  and/or rated to the classes A, B or C of the European Certification Body (ECB) and are, therefore, suitable for installation in safe doors up to a grade XII resistance. Designed with additional security features, our non-key-changeable and key-changeable safe locks and the keys to be used with them allow us to achieve an extremely high degree of manipulation resistance. When it comes to selecting a key set for his safe, the user can chose between different key lengths and types, and stipulate the number of keys he requires.

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