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IP Camera

IP Camera from SECU – Always a Step Ahead

Are you looking for a way of enhancing the security of your home or company in order to protect it against robbery, vandalism and similar unlawful access? An IP camera from SECU could be just what you are looking for: a network camera equally suited for surveillance of indoor and outdoor areas which is sure to satisfy your need for a higher level of security.

One network camera for every application
SECU has a wide variety of IP cameras of the high quality SECU is known for. The IP camera you buy from us will convince you of its benefits. Whether it be for your family home, business, restaurant, hotel or any public place – the SECU product range includes the perfect network camera for every application.

IP camera from SECU with up to 12 megapixel resolution

We have extended our series of network cameras to include several models featuring a 12 megapixel resolution. The new line-up includes a box type, a dome type and a bullet type camera. Same as the full HD cameras we have had on offer to date, the governing principle underlying the new models is: the better the picture quality of an IP camera, the more detailed the images it produces. Or in other words: the greater the ease and reliability of evaluating its recordings.

SECU‘s IP cameras come with video data analysis

Our latest SECU IP cameras all come with advanced video analysis. This means that, besides the usual analysis tools, trip wire, zone surveillance, add or remove object, fast movement detection, parking area surveillance, detection of crowd formation, loitering and face recognition, our cameras also feature the additional functions of head count and heat map.

The analysis will help you reduce the number of false alarms and enable you to obtain only those messages that you are interested in.

Have we stirred up your interest in our IP products or alternative solutions?

If you have any questions about IP network cameras or alternative video standards (analog, AHD, CVI, TVI, SDI,..), please feel free to contact us. We will gladly assist with the planning and technical implementation of your project.

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